Snohomish Candle Co.
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Quality Candles 
Hand-poured and Environmentally Responsible

 Thank you for choosing Snohomish Candle Co.  We are a family owned business located in the historic town of Snohomish, WA.  

Please check out our Events and Locations page for information on where to find us!

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Joe and Shannon Moore - Snohomish Candle Co.

Our Story

Joe has always loved burning candles and as a hobby he decided to start making them.  After experimenting with different waxes it was determined our favorites were the ones he made using palm wax.   Soon family and friends were receiving Joe's candles for gifts and with their encouragement we began our business.

In addition to selling our candles at local 
stores, farmers markets, and bazaars, we sell on-line through our fundraisers.  As parents and now as grandparents we have supported our kids schools, church activities,  sports teams, etc. by purchasing items offered through their various fundraisers. One fundraiser offered a nationally branded candle and this started us thinking about using our own candles to help local organizations raise much needed funds.  Shannon's background includes working for the Snohomish School District as well as in business development. Seeing first hand the amount of time and effort it takes to manage a fundraiser we designed our  program to minimize that as much as possible.   

It is our sincere hope that customers will enjoy burning our candles as much as we do.

Joe and Shannon Moore <><

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